Invitation for Applications: Graduate Workshop ‘Meteora: A Unesco World Heritage Site’

The Diocesan Academy of Theological and Historical Studies of the Holy Meteora welcomes the organization of the interdisciplinary workshop by Princeton University titled ‘Meteora: A Unesco World Heritage Site’. This program is under the aegis of our Academy and is addressed to students enrolled in MA and PhD programs in Princeton University and Greek universities. During the workshop, the students will be taught by experts in history, art history and material culture on the unique heritage of the monastic community of the Holy Meteora. Some of the subjects that lectures will be covering: history of monasticism, Meteora and the Slavic world, Byzantine and post-Byzantine art in Meteora, monastic material culture during the late medieval and early modern periods. Further information on the application process can be found here (deadline: 1st of February 2023, Workshop’s dates: 4-11 June 2023):


1st Issue

The first, celebratory issue of Analecta Stagorum et Meteororum aspires to inaugurate new directions in the study of the heritage of the monastic community of Meteora, primarily through interdisciplinary studies on new and lesser-known stubjects.

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